Reiki Shares

                         Deborah DeRusha

      Medium~Spiritual Guidance~Readings

Reiki~Classes~Shamanic Healing~Workshops

1st  Friday  at 6:30 pm Sharon 315-415-4539

 3rd Sunday  at 10 am with Sharon Quinn, 315-415-4539

Forth Saturday 10 am with Debbie 315-383-975

Please text before

A time to share, learn and Receive
It is encourages to speak up of any messages you may receive
Please do not wear any perfumes or strong scents
Due to the Covid-19
a few changes will be made for our
Reiki Share
We will have masks on and hand sanitizer out to use with each session -  A chair will be used to receive the healing energy - After each session we will easily disinfect the chair
 as a group will  share the reiki energy and our wisdom. Each person has at least 10 minutes on the chair as the rest of us gives reiki.